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Full Service + DIY Wedding Flowers in NYC

garden-inspired florals

for weddings, events, and everyday celebrations


you're invited...

to take a deep breath
to stop and smell the roses
to rest easy



who is Meadow House?

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the blooms

Strong | Beautiful | Fun| Romantic

These four characteristics are embodied in each Meadow House arrangement. Each design starts with a strong and supportive base and is complimented with beautiful accent blooms to set the scene. Then, romantic focal flowers take the spotlight, but always leave room for the fun and unexpected ingredients that like to steal the show.

warm wedding flowers

the designer

Hi! I’m Meagan, the heart and hands behind Meadow House. In a city known for its hustle and bustle, I love sharing flowers as a way to inspire pause, reflection, and celebration.

With each design or service, I have one goal: to touch the heart of the recipient
in a way that shows them they are known, seen, and deeply loved.

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the house

A little blue house on a Meadow Lane, adorned with peony bushes, lilies, and wildflowers, is where it all began. Though now many miles and states away, the little surprise garden from Meadow Lane still inspires and informs the designs of Meadow House today.